7 Reasons for Organizing

Happy September everyone!


Can you smell that fall is in the air?  Cooler temps, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, flannel, and so much more!  Fall is a beautiful time.  Also, what better time to talk about getting organized than fall when you love to cozy up in your home and relax before the madness of the holiday season?  I have decided to restart my organizing blog for a few reasons, but you can expect a new post every Friday for the weeks to come!  I will share some of my organizing work, but mainly it will be a space to learn more tips, tricks, and thoughts on organizing, purging, planning, minimalism, and more!  Let’s get started!

Let’s talk about the top 7 reasons (in my opinion) that to get organizing!

  1. Time Saver – By having more organized spaces and home it will save you time in locating items that you may often misplace otherwise – for example – keys, school papers for the kids, purse, and other every day items!  On average – we spend ONE YEAR, YES, 365 DAYS of our life looking for lost items.  People!  You can literally add a year to your life by just taking some time to get organized (and I can promise it will not take 365 consecutive days to get organized…so you are already winning!)
  2. Peace of Mind – If there is one thing I feel like I could preach on for days it is the peace of mind that purging and organizing can bring.  There are studies that show having disorganization and clutter can increase anxiety and depression – we can help ourselves by just having LESS STUFF!  I truly encourage you to take a space in your home (closet, junk drawer, kitchen cabinet…) that drives you crazy to even know it is the way it is and purge the items you no longer need.  Once you have purged – return the necessary items to the space and observe how you feel when it is done!  You may think I am crazy, but you will never know what I mean until you try!  This is why I love my business – I get so much of a high and satisfaction from the process – it is amazing!
  3. Welcomes Less Clutter – Usually, when you get organized, you have a place for everything and everything has its place.  When you have systems in place and a place for everything – it makes you more mindful of what you bring into the home, if you need it, and where you will put the item.  When you start to be more mindful about items – you will soon notice less clutter that comes into the home!
  4. Money Saver – CHA-CHING!  As I mentioned, organizing and implementing systems in the home (or anywhere really) will help you to become more mindful about things you purchase, receive, and what you choose to bring in to the space.  While being more mindful – not only do you cut back on clutter, BUT YOU SAVE MONEY!  Who doesn’t like saving a couple bucks?  Things like the trinkets in the dollar bin at Target, that new decor piece you want “just because”, or ANYTHING that you don’t NEED you will be more likely to pass up with your new organized space!  Your clutter gets smaller – while your pockets get bigger…cha-ching!
  5. Be More Focused for Important Tasks – Clutter and disorganization can be a HUGE distraction!  It can cause a bunch of squirrels loose in your mind – running around and yelling “what should I do with that?” “where should I put that?” “Now, what DID I do with that?” “I should really straighten that up” ” I should go through those”….LOCK THEM UP!  I love a cute, chubby squirrel as much as the next person, but when they are loose in the mind it can only cause chaos….LOCK THEM UP!  Put them away by answering their questions – find a place for that “thing” or toss it.  Put that item away.  Go through that pile.  Get it done!  Once you have a place and system for everything it will take less time thinking about the chaos and more time to think about the important things like family, friends, hopes, dreams, and YOU!
  6. Live a Healthier Lifestyle – Crazy, right?  How could being more organized in the house, garage, office – lead to a healthier lifestyle?  Well, my friend,  when you have at least some of your ducks in a row it can help to get the others to tag along!  When you are organized in spaces in your life you are more likely to have more time and brain power for activities like exercising and meal planning!
  7. A Way to Give Back – Best apart of purging and getting organized?  It can give you a reason to give back.  Donate those clothes you don’t need any more to the women’s and men’s shelter in town, take the kitchen items to a family center, toys and children’s books to a children’s home.  What has once blessed you – can now bless another!


    See you next Friday for “Getting Started”!


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