Too Overwhelmed to Start!

So, you read the last blog and you came back!  Thanks!  Maybe you read the last blog and hated it and thought you would give it another shot OR MAYBE you read the last blog and thought those 7 reasons to organize were brilliant (in which case – thank you!)  Anyways, if your feelings are the latter and you feel as though organizing really makes sense for you and your family – let’s get start!

Today I am going to share how even some of the smallest moves in organizing can be a victory for you and your family!  If you are ready to get started, but feeling to overwhelmed to start, well, let’s keep chatting.

If you are feeling really ambitious and want to just get the whole house de-cluttered and organized in a weekend – great!  I say go for it!  In reality, you are probably feeling less ambitious and more terrified on where to start – no worries!  Start small.  Start tiny.  Just start.  Start now.    YOU CAN DO IT!

Just a quick list of 5 small spaces you could start (these spaces may vary for each person):

  1. Junk Drawer
  2. Closet
  3. Pantry
  4. Kitchen Cabinet
  5. Coat Closet

Pick a small space and get started!  Do one small space a day or even a week – and it will get done, you will feel better, and life will begin on a magical organized adventure!

In the words of Dr. Seuss:



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