Ultimate Top 10 List of Decluttering

So many things, so many places to start – where do I go?  What do I do?  As I mentioned in a previous blog that it can be rather overwhelming when you decide to declutter your space.  We chatted last time that you need to start small, but hopefully this list will help you to pin point exactly the items to remove and what to do with them!

Declutter Your Life with These 10 Steps:

  1. Throw Away, Donate, Upcycle, or Give Away
  2. Eliminate Duplicates
  3. Get Rid of Items You Haven’t Used in 6-12 months
  4. Don’t buy an item you do not have an immediate use for – somewhere to wear it or a specific situation for use!
  5. Consider scanning and digitizing items like kid’s school papers and pictures that you wish to keep
  6. Find a home for everything you wish to keep – and put it back when you are done!
  7. Ask yourself – “Can something else I own do the same job?” before buying
  8. Do NOT hold on to items out of guilt = So and So gave it to me so I have to keep it.  Unless it truly is valuable  to you and your life!
  9. Frequently check for expired medications, foods, and other household goods.
  10. Always ask – is this item worth the time cleaning and space storing it?

So, start small, use these 10 tips, and you are on your way to a clutter free life!  Embrace your space!



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